By Keerthi Chandrashekar ( | First Posted: Nov 07, 2012 10:05 AM EST

(Photo : CloveTechnology)

Those of you in the United Kingdom can look forward to a new variant of the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 in a couple months. Retailer Clove Technology has already started taking pre-orders for the black 64GB Galaxy S3 - although there's a catch. 

Clove is pricing the 64GB Galaxy S3 at £500 without VAT, and £600 including the VAT fee. Clove is stating that the phone will be in stock in approximately two months. 

The interesting part is that you won't get charged when you place your pre-order. It seems that Clove needs to receive a certain amount of interest before it invests in the phone. If enough orders are placed within two weeks, customers can then confirm their pre-order and pay. 

"In two weeks time we will decide whether or not to take stock of the handset based on the number of pre-orders that we have received for the handset," writes Clove.

"If we have received enough pre-order interest for the handset and decide to range it, we will ask customers to confirm these pre-orders and to make payment. At this stage we will provide an updated ETA for the arrival of stock. Do be aware that from this point onwards there is likely to be a 5-6 week lead time."

The 64GB Galaxy S3 will be the highest total memory capacity smartphone available in the United Kingdom when it does roll out. With a microSD slot that can add another 64GB, those who do pick up the black Galaxy S3 can walk around with an astounding 128GB. 

If you'd like to own a 64GB Galaxy S3, be sure to pre-order it and convince others that it's the phone for them - it looks like this handset's availability might depend more on the consumer than supplier.  

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