By Keerthi Chandrashekar ( | First Posted: Nov 06, 2012 04:05 PM EST

(Photo : TheVerge)

Before, the Apple iPad was the only legitimate tablet choice, but now it seems that the market is suddenly getting flooded with Google-branded, Samsung-branded, and even more Apple-branded options. According to a recent report from TheVerge, there may soon be another tablet option for gamers: the Microsoft Xbox Surface. 

Website TheVerge reports that multiple sources have confirmed that Microsoft is developing a 7-inch gaming tablet that has been dubbed Xbox Surface. Apparently, the specs that leaked out earlier this year are accurate, give or take any minor last-minute tweaks. 

According to TheVerge, the Xbox Surface will use a "custom ARM processor and high-bandwidth RAM" that should give this tablet the power it needs to deliver a quality gaming experience. In a recent ArsTechnica interview, Wing Commander Chris Roberts stressed how important RAM is to creating an immersive gaming experience, even stating that current high-end PCs are probably already more powerful than next-gen consoles. 

No word on what exactly the operating system will be, except that it certainly won't be running a normal, full version of Windows. Instead, it is supposed to run a custom Windows kernel. 

Gamers are currently focused on figuring out what exactly the next generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony will be, but might be surprised to find out that the Xbox Surface tablet should be debuting before the Xbox 720, or the PlayStation 4. The tablet is currently being developed in Microsoft's Silicon Valley offices, and should be manufactured in the same, secretive factory that churns out the Microsoft Surface.

With the possibility of even more gameplay variety thanks to Microsoft's Smartglass, does an Xbox Surface tablet have you excited? 

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