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Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Romney speaks at a campaign rally at the Long Family Orchard and Farm in Commerce (Photo : Reuters)

In Michigan, voters face intimidating lines "hundreds of voters deep," according to the Detroit News.

The state holds 16 electoral votes, and the latest presidential polls place Obama 4 percent ahead of Mitt Romney. Major news networks have chosen to withhold exit poll data until voting closes in each respective state.

Michigan's high voter turnout has discouraged several residents from casting ballots, writes the publication. Detroit Department of Elections Director Daniel Baxter explained that voters "should definitely be prepared to wait an hour," but that "It's hard to tell at this particular juncture" how rapidly the queue would move.

Michigan polls last from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and absentee ballots must be submitted by 8 p.m.

Elsewhere, polling issues have cropped up in Ohio, Philadelphia, and Texas.

In Ohio, voting tabulation machines were updated with "experimental software" that never received state certification. These devices "will be used to count ballot cast by more than 4 million registered voters, including those in Cleveland and Columbus," said co-chairman of Ohio's Green Party Bob Fitrakis.

The Detroit Free Press notes that issues with ballot scanners have occurred in Ohio polling locations, several polls in Texas opened late, and there are "some precincts in the Tampa, Fla. area where voters are being redirected to another polling place where they must cast a provisional ballot."

In the General Election, polls indicate a slight Obama edge, at 48.8 percent to Romney's 48.1 percent.

For more information about Michigan polls, visit the state government's official website.

Election results are forthcoming, so stay tuned to Latinos Post for full coverage of the election.

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