By Keerthi Chandrashekar ( | First Posted: Nov 06, 2012 07:27 AM EST

The order screen for a Google Wallet card (Photo : AndroidPolice)

As companies are scrambling to take advantage of mobile payments, Google has been aggressively at the forefront with Google Wallet. Now, it looks like Google will be taking Google Wallet one step further by introducing an actual, physical Google Wallet all-in-one card. 

The report comes via AndroidPolice, which received an anonymous tip containing screenshots of the new upcoming Google Wallet app. In one of the screenshots, you can see the page where one can order a Google Wallet card. 

"When you can't tap and pay, you can use the Google Wallet card. You can use it where major credit and debit cards are accepted," reads the Google Wallet page. 

Another screen explains, "Add your credit and debit cards to the Google Wallet app, then use any of them in stores using just the Google Wallet card. You can leave all the cards you used to carry at home."

AndroidPolice explains that the tipster was able to actually order a Google Wallet card, and that he (or she) even received a confirmation email. 

Tap and pay NFC payments have been slowly growing, but NFC can still be frustrating and not all merchants are in the position to accept mobile payments. A physical card, synced to an app on your phone would be incredibly convenient, and would definitely cut down on the plastic in your wallet. 

Security wise, if your card gets stolen, you will probably simply be able to cancel it yourself via the Google Wallet app, meaning you should be able to prevent most kinds of frauds. 

Google Wallet recently started allowing users to input their own credit and debit cards into the app, in hopes that consumers will begin using NFC payments more frequently.  

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