First Posted: May 01, 2012 09:45 PM EDT

Celebration of the March May 1 (Photo : May 1 in Wikipedia)

The International Workers' Day was celebrated in various Latin American countries with demonstrations from different labor unions coming from small, medium and large companies.

In Mexico, President Felipe Calderón congratulated all employees for their great effort in keeping a good level of competitiveness saying, "the government, companies and workers should continue to strengthen the competitiveness and labor competition, with full respect for the Article 123 of the Constitution," according to Esmas.Com.

The leadership of major labor unions received a letter by President Felipe Calderon who recognized their solidarity and hard work.

While the people were partaking in the May 1st march in Mexico City, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake shook the city but the workers did not respond with panic due to all marching activity that was taking place in various places.

In Colombia, workers focused voicing out their opposition against the free trade agreement (FTA). Many Colombians consider it a threat to the local economy, an agreement that they believe may compromise jobs and the many sectors of the economy.

Members of the CTA (Central Workers of Argentina) voiced out their demands for higher salaries wage as well as their desire for the nationalization of the railroad and oil companies, namely YPF.

In Cuba, workers chanted the slogan "preserve and perfect socialism" during the May 1st march. They voiced out their demands for economic reform in the country as well as a plan to increase jobs.

In Venezuela, workers welcomed the passing of a labor law by President Hugo Chavez.

In Brazil, workers came together to protest for better economic development including lower interest rates, higher salaries and policies that may increase employment.

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