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Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez waves from the airplane as he leaves to head back to Cuba to continue his cancer treatment, in Caracas April 30, 2012. Chavez returned for radiotherapy treatment to Cuba to treat a cancer that has called into question the 57-year-old's fitness to run for re-election in the OPEC nation in October. (Photo : REUTERS/Miraflores Palace/Hand)

Hugo Chavez is keeping Venezuelans uneasy with his frequent trips to Cuba.

On Monday night the Venezuelan President returned to Cuba in order to continue his cancer treatment and trips to the Caribbean island have taken place every few weeks after doctors in Cuba allegedly removed a tumor in his pelvic region back in February this year.

The uneasiness among Venezuelans might not be caused by the head-of-state's frequent absence from the country but more due to the uncertainty his health is posing within Venezuelan politics.

According to Fox News Latino, Venezuelan lawmaker, Ismael Garcia said of Chavez's health, "I ask you, Mr. President, in the name of Venezuelans, to inform a medical board precisely what it is you have, so that the nation finally can find out."

"We cannot keep standing here and raising our hands until we find out what we are dealing with, and how long the president has been told he has to live, because this is a matter of state," said Carlos Berrizbeitia a legislator.

Still, Chavez left to Cuba leaving the questions unanswered.

Chavez needed congressional approval in order to remain outside of the country for more than 5 days, which in the end was granted.

His cancer treatment sessions have averaged more than five days per trip and extended themselves to up to two weeks in one occasion.

With the national Venezuelan elections taking place on October 7 of this year, it seems that Chavez is trying everything he can not only to regain his health by then, but to make it alive.

According to a FoxNews report last November, specialists gave predictions that Hugo Chavez would be seeing his deathbed in 2012. The report is certainly not baseless.

Few weeks ago, Chavez was seen attending mass back in Venezuela where he clearly and openly prayed regarding his time left alive.

"Give me life even if it's ... painful life. I don't care. Christ, give me your crown. Give it to me, I will bleed. ... Give me life because I still have things to do for these people," he said. "Don't take me yet," he added.

Whether Chavez health continues to deteriorate or to improve, he will be facing tough competition against Henrique Capriles, his primary opposition candidate for the elections.

Capriles, this year, vowed to end the 13 years of Chavez's rule he claims has left the nation in deep crisis.

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