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Poster for Luis Carlos Galan's Campagin

Galan's family mourns his death while Pablo and his men start to leave as fugitive.

The country continues to mourn Galan as they bury him and say their last goodbyes. Santorini shows up to the funeral and is told to leave because he is not welcome.

In Medellin Pablo talks to Pedro Mottoa who is upset about the death of Galan. However Pablo tells him that they are war with the state. Pedro says there is no point to their war and that it will never end. Pablo tells him that he will help put Santorini to the Presidency.

The general starts to strategize about how to get Pablo. He wants to hunt him down with a new army.

Santorini meets with Gaviria to talk about the future of the elections.The police raid Pablo's house but are not able to find him as they ran away quickly. None the less the police capture some of his men and burn cocaine. 

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