By Eduardo Rojas / ( | First Posted: Apr 26, 2012 06:21 PM EDT

Researchers at MIT have developed a new glass that reflects no light, does not fog up and self cleans.

The nano-textured multifunctional glass virtually eliminates all glare and repels water droplets as if they were rubber balls revealed MIT's news website.

The technology could have very practical uses such as replacing the glass in various optical devices such as smartphones, plasma TVs or even windshields or plain windows the researchers said.

For solar panels, the researchers say that the glass would increase efficiency in light absorbing because of its self cleaning qualities that wouldn't allow dust or other particles to obstruct the light.

Kyoo-Chul Park and Hyungryul Choi, mechanical engineering graduate students, together with Chih-Hao Chang and professors Robert Cohen, Gareth McKinley and George Barbastathis co-authored and published a paper on their findings in the journal ACS Nano.

The glass possesses its special hydrophobic and anti-glare qualities mostly due to nano-sized cones that ensure light to be absorbed and water to be repelled.

The news site also described that the glass is "almost unrecognizable because of its absence of glare."

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