By Nicole Rojas | ( | First Posted: Oct 22, 2012 01:05 PM EDT

(Photo : Youtube/ERB (Screenshot))

Another political satire video of President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has hit YouTube, becoming one of the most popular videos on the site in less than a week. The video comes on the heels of another political parody, "Eye of The Sparrow- A Bad Lip Reading of the First Presidential Debate," which became viral last week.

In just six days, "Epic Rap Battles of History: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney" has garnered more than 14 million views and over 185,000 likes on the video sharing site. The video, which is about three and a half minutes long, has the two candidates rapping against each other with an unexpected past president that puts both of them in their places. Comedians Alphacat (Barack Obama) and EpicLLYOD (Mitt Romney) are joined by guest appearance Nice Peter. 

The "Epic Rap Battle" video, which was published on October 15 by ERB (Epic Rap Battles), has accumulated over 176,000 comments and continues to receive hundreds each hour. While most commentators claim the surprise past president appearance is the winner of the battle, others voiced their opinions towards Romney and Obama.

"Great work on the Obama piece," wrote Redslayer86. "That's exactly how I'd expect him to rap lol." Pzatezalo agreed and wrote, "hahaha Barack's voice and mannerisms kill me."

Others, however, commented on how real life politics should mimic the fake rap battle. "I wish politics were this easy," wrote SuperKatthomas.

As of Monday, "Epic Rap Battle" reached the No. 5 spot on YouTube's top most popular videos with 14,365,945 views.


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