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A screenshot from Pablo Escobar: Patron del Mal (Photo : Caracol/Telemundo)

In Medellin Galan continues to campaign for presidency. The Coronel arrives at the University Antioquea where Chili and Marino are waiting. El Chili decides wait for Galan, whioch ultimately costs them as a woman sees the Pablo's men and calls the police. The Coronel goes after them but El Chili and Marino escape. The coronel finds a bazooka and then calls Galan's security.

At lunch Galan is told the news and they are ordered to leave for Bogota.An angry Pablo asks El Chili for explanations. Chili tries to explain but Pablo is upset that he has to tell El Mariachi that his men failed. Chili swears that he will kill the coronel.

The Coronel recommends that Galan be more careful and tells him that he cannot return to Medellin. Galan tells the coronel to also be careful. Galan continues his campaign.

At home the coronel's chauffer gets threatened by El Chili. Chili tells him that he must cooperate with them.The coronel speaks to his son who once again is worried and waiting for his father's move from Medellin.  The coronel and his wife eat their meal as if it will be the last one they eat together

.Pablo's men prepare their mission while the Coronel readies to go to work. However he notices that his chauffer is acting strangely. The Coronel tells him not to worry but his chauffer has a hard time speaking to the Coronel. 

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