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A woman walks past a polling place in Brooklyn, New York April 24, 2012. Mitt Romney's expected wins in five states that hold primary votes on Tuesday will earn him scores of delegates on his way to becoming the Republican presidential nominee and allow him to concentrate on a general election campaign against President Barack Obama. New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania are holding republican presidential primaries April 24. (Photo : REUTERS/Brendan McDermid)

The Center for American progress recently published a report regarding New York's changing demographics and immigration politics which is something people may want to take into consideration while voting during New York's primary today. 

According to the report, people of color including Latinos or Hispanics in the Empire State are continuously growing in population and holding positions indispensable to the economy. Also, not only is their power to influence the culture growing but also their power to elect people to government positions.

Five important facts people should know about New York's changing demographics including the Latino community according to the report are:

1. No unauthorized immigrants in New York means the state's economy would be badly hurt. The state would lose $42 billion between economic activities and gross state product and would lose 137,000 jobs according to a report by Perryman Group.

2. Unauthorized immigrants and their families pay a total of $662,439,624 in state taxes each year.

3. Latinos make 17.7 percent or 3.4 million of New York's total population

4. 1.6 million Latinos are eligible to vote in New York

5. New York's Hispanic Consumer Market stands at $81 billion according to Selig Center for Economic Growth.

The growing role and importance of Latinos and other immigrants in New York is evident and according to the statistics, these will continue to grow.


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