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It's common knowledge that the first batch of any electronics device will come with its share of problems. And while they are to be expected, the anticipation leading up to the iPhone 5 launch has people frustrated since the device isn't perfect. The flood of complaints has even caused some to begin speculating about an iPhone 5 recall. 

A basic Google search for the words "iPhone 5 recall" turns up headlines like these:

"Setback: iPhone 5 camera faulty, will Apple recall?" - Daily Bhaskar

"Could "scuffgate" force Apple into an iPhone 5 recall?" - ITProPortal

Apple Support Community forums are littered with iPhone 5 complaints with some wondering if Apple is going to institute a recall.

"Is apple going to do a recall on the iphone 5 since it has a lot of problems?" writes guillermoflores562 in a thread titled "is apple going to do a recall on the iPhone 5?"

A thread titled "iPhone 5 wifi issues" had matrixxzero saying, "Maybe there will be a recall like they did with the iPod Nano. That would suck...but at least I still have my old iPhone 4 as a backup."

"Also have the same issue with my phone, battery runs down quickly and back of my iphone also becomes quite warm, only had the phone for one day... Recall apple???" asked Alwayzstunned in a thread titled "iPhone 5 gets very hot."

And let's not forget the disaster that is Apple Maps, which even had Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly declaring that Apple is "extremely sorry," and even had the Cupertino-based company suggesting that iOS 6 users try out Google Maps website, which they ironically had removed to make space for the Apple Maps app.

Will Apple institute a recall? Probably not. Reviews of the iPhone 5 have been generally positive, and given the sheer number of sales (5 million in its first weekend in the United States alone), the actual number of complaints isn't too nerve racking - given once again, that we remind ourselves the product has barely been out for a week. Give Apple some time to fix the issues, and surely everybody will be happy.

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