First Posted: Sep 23, 2012 11:33 PM EDT

Sammy dances in Week 3 of Mira Quien Baila on Univision. (Photo : Univision)

Valentina abandoned the competition in week 3 of Mira Quien Baila. After being nominated for injury alongside Maria Antonieta de la Nieves Valentina was eliminated.

Today Maxi Iglesias started the gala with a Regional Mexicano dacce. The judges were not happy with his participation as they stated that he has no rhythm.

Maripily danced an adagio. She got so much into the dance that she fell and recovered. But she then added some controversy when she kissed her dancer in a prolongued moment of passion. The judges said that she was improving but that she had to still do much more work.

, Fernando Arau danced a meringue with great precision. However Horacio asked him to be less secure and more loose. Bianca and Lily on the other hand were enthusiastic with his dance.

 rgelia Atliano danced a salsa. She was stiff and did not communicate anything. The judges were split as Bianca thought she was wonderful but Lily and Horacio thought she was not having fun. They also said that she gave a good attempt but was not sensual enough.

Next Bobby Pulido danced to rock and roll. He impressed the judges who thought he had depth. They complimented for his vast improvement.

Alicia Machado danced tango elegantly. The dance was imposing, passionate and sensual. The judges stated that she looked like a professional dancer, and that her dance steps were impressive. Javier the presenter even insisted that there was something between Alicia and the dancer.

Next Henry Santos danced a bachata to perfection and earned a standing ovation from the public and one of the judges. Lily screamed out of excitement and stated that it was the best dance she had seen in the whole season. Bianca said it was amazing. Horacio liked the dance but was upset about a table that was not used in the choreography.

Sammy "walked" a disco. He had trouble lifting his feet and following the choreography. The judges said he was not coordinated and lacked precision. They also stated that he had not rhythm, and that he did not have enough energy.

After Valentina was eliminated Maria Antonieta had to dance a paso double. While she had no coordination, she danced with energy. The judges thought her techinique was off but they stated that it was the best dance she did all season.

Sammy, Maxi Iglesias and Argelia Atilano wore chosen to dance again. Sammy first danced an urban dance poorly, once again relying on his dancer as he walked around the floor. Maxi then danced a bachata. While not as convincing as Henry Santos, it was clean. Argelia danced Regional Mexicano sloppily.

In the end Maxi was saved and Argelia and Sammy were nominated.To find out who is eliminated watch next at 8pm on Univision.

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