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Soccer officials discuss postponing the start of the Spanish First Division soccer match between Rayo Vallecano and Real Madrid, as technicians try to get the lights back on after a power failure on half of the soccer pitch, at Teresa Rivero stadium in Madrid September 23, 2012.

The Read Madrid match was cancelled after the lights refused to go on in the Stadium at the Rayo Vallecano.

According to reports, the electrical cables were cut in a case of vandalism that forced the match to be postponed.

The match was a vital one for Cristiano Ronaldo's club who is currently 11 points behind rival FC Barcelona for first place in the division. The club only has four points in its first four matches and is off to the worst start in 11 years. They are also 8 points off the pace that they achieved last season when they won the division.

Real Madrid's problems have centered around superstar Ronaldo who has only two goals in the four games, and both were scored in a single match. More importantly, Ronaldo created drama a few weeks ago by stating that he was sad with the club, a distraction that has been disastrous in League Play.

Surprisingly, Madrid's performance in other tournaments thus far has been exemplary. They won the Spanish Super Cup earlier in the season and won their last match with Manchester City in the group match of UEFA Champions League. Ronaldo has three goals in those three matches.

Rayo Vallecano is off to a winning start with two victories in four matches and seven points. Last season they placed 16th on the table with just 43 points. They will look to continue the streak against Madrid.

Prediction: Real Madrid wins 4-0. The day change only gives Madrid an extra day of rest after their tilt on Tuesday against Manchester City. 

The match has been rescheduled for 1:45 PM ET.

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