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Pablo Escobar Novela (Photo : Caracol)

In jail Pedro Motoa waits as the Medellin Cartel meets and tries to figure out what the next move will be. 

In the meantime, the government realizes that they cannot extradite Pedro as the Motoa brothers decided to accuse him of drug use in Medellin.

Therefore the law states that he cannot be extradited if he is accused of the same crime in two countries.

Pablo meets with Santorini who tells them that the government will do anything to extradite Pedro.

El Chile and Pablo's men massacre 5 judges in Medellin in attempt to avoid extradition.

In the meantime Marino is faced with the decision to kill Yesenia.The guerilla decides to give Pablo 100 men to protect him in exchange for  an alliance with them.

The Cali Cartel continues their plan for revenge as they put bombs in cars. Hildargo persuade one the Cali Cartel's associates not go with the plan but no one is convinced.

The government tries to find ways to extradite Pedro but they are scared of breaking laws. 

At home Marino arrives, giving Pablo a package. Pablo tells him that he hasn't killed Yexenia yet and that he must do so. Marino tries to persuade not to kill her but Pablo tells he must kill her.Marino calls Yexenia  and tells her that they have to leave. Yexenia agrees and they plan their escape. Marino then goes to El Chile and El Topo who will kill her. 

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