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Pew Research Graph (Photo : Pew Research Center)

A study conducted by the Pew Research Center claims that 45 percent of America's Hispanics are spread out in only ten metropolitan regions in the nation. Researchers at the Pew Hispanic Center wing of the firm examined tabulations of the 2010 American Community Survey, which collects population estimates from the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

According to the study, Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA hosts the largest Hispanic population in the nation,with 5.7 million Latinos comprising 45 percent of the population. The area accounts for 11 percent of the national Hispanic population.

Rounding out at a close second is New York-Northeastern, with 4.2 million Hispanics at 24 percent of the state's total population, and 8 percent of the nationwide Latino population.

(Credit: Pew Reserach Center) Graph
(Credit: Pew Reserach Center) Graph

Next are Houston-Brazoria, TX at 2 million, Riverside-San Bernadino, CA at 2 million, Chicago, IL at 1.9 million, Dallas-Fort Worth, TX at 1.7 million, Miami-Hialeah, FL at 1.6 million, Phoenix, AZ at 1.1 million, San Antonio, TX at 1.1 million, and lastly San Francisco-Oakland-Vallejo, CA at 1.1 million.

The report notes that six of the ten biggest Hispanic populations are in either California or Texas. Additionally, Mexican-Americans comprise of the United State's largest Hispanic group and represent 65 percent of the nation's Latino population. Hispanics are also the "largest minority or ethnic group" in each of the states mentioned.

In terms of Hispanics' shares of population, Miami comes out on top, housing 66 percent Latinos. San Antonio is in second with 55 percent, and Chicago is in last with 21 percent.

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