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A screenshot from Pablo Escobar: Patron del Mal (Photo : Caracol/Telemundo)

Pedro Motoa's arrest is announced nationwide.

The president tells Niki that they will extradite him.

Pablo is upset and decides to gather with the Medellin Cartel.

Helicopters arrive with Pedro Motoa as journalists and police escort him to jail.  

In the meantime the politicians discuss what to do with him. They realize that they cannot extradite him because he is not accused of smuggling drugs.

The Cali cartel celebrates the arrest of Pedro but one of the associates of the Cali Cartel decides to retaliate against Pablo's bombing attacks.

The Medellin cartel meets because Motoa's case is a bit complicated as they have to wait to see whether or not he is extradited.

Motoa waits in jail and Niki tries to investigate why Motoa is not extradited.

Pablo buys a collection of cars. Paty receives a call from the school about Emilio's issue. The school tells them that they reconsidered and will allow him to study in school. However Paty refuses.

Meanwhile Pablo prepares a speech where says that he will start a war if Motoa is extradited.

Marino is kidnapped by Pablo as he says he is sorry for having fallen in love with Pablo's ex lover Yessenia.  Pablo gives Marino an option; either he kills her or him.

In Bogota the Mariachi and Pablo meet with a war strategist.  Watch what happens to Marino tomorrow at 10 on Telemundo.  

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