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Pedro Motoa from Pablo Escobar by the image of the real life capo. (Photo : Caracol/Telemundo)

Kiko tells Pablo that Marino has a girlfriend and it is Yessenia.

Meanwhile Yessenia and Marino continue dating. 

Pedro Motoa talks to Hildrago and tells him to continue their friendship. However Hildargo is not convinced because Hildargo has problems with the Cartel of Cali.The Cali Cartel attempt to convince Hildargo to accuse Pedro Motoa but Hildargo is troubled because they are friends.

Pablo and his son converse about why Emilio is being let go of school. Pablo tells him that Paty and him will put him in a better school.  

Pedro Motoa is arrested as he is caught on the road.

Marino meets with Pablo. Pablo asks about Yessenia and Marino tries to evade the question.  He then tries to justify that he is the boyfriend of Yessenia.

El Topo and El Chile take Marino and shoot him.

Meanwhile Pablo takes the PTA bosses' cars and attacks them. 

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