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The season four finale of ‘Castle’ finally gave fans exactly what they wanted—Castle and Beckett together as a couple. The season five premiere, which airs September 24, promises to give fans more of their relationship as well as some much-needed drama, creator and executive producer Andrew Marlowe dished.

Actress Stana Katic, who plays Kate Beckett, told TV Line, “It’ll be fun to see who finds out about them being together—who stays out of the loop and for how long and how they decide to reveal all of that. That’s a big bombshell.”

But do not expect the couple to revel in relationship bliss for too long. According to TV Line, Katic added, “One of the things that I, as a viewer, am curious about is…her mother’s murder. Even though the two of them have gotten together, that still looms over them.”

Executive producer Marlow told Entertainment Weekly, “When we left last season, we know that whatever bubble Castle and Beckett wake up in, she’s still under active threat. And in the last scene, Maddox said, ‘When I have those files, I’m going to put Beckett into the ground.’ And we know he’s close to getting those files. So as is often the case, in a moment of bliss, real life intrudes and the characters have to deal with that and deal with it in a new way, given where they are in the world.”

One thing ‘Castle’ fans will not have to worry about is the couple splitting up any time soon. Marlow said, “I think it would be unfair to the audience to have them invest at this time and all this time together only to pull the rug out. I think that was one of the fundamental mistakes they made in Moonlighting. They got them together and then they split them up.”

The new season will not be all relationships and drama, Marlow said. The executive producer told TV Line that he hopes to have the team investigate a murder at a sci-fi convention. “That should be fun, given Nathan [Fillion]’s background and how much of a rock star he is at Comic-Con,” Marlow told TV Line. “We’re thinking about an episode that’s shot documentary-style, where we get one-on-one confessionals with the camera and get to know what people really think about certain things.”

Fans can catch the ‘Castle’ season five premiere on September 24 at 10 p.m. on ABC.


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