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A still from the Pablo Escobar Novela (Photo : Caracol/Telemundo)

Pablo's men tell him that they shot the imprisoned Pablo. An upset escobar goes to the site of the crime and tells his men that he was supposed to be paid 2 million dollars for a picture of him alive. Pablo starts to think of a plan and then calls the coronel to tell him that he has one of his men.

In the meantime El Chile and Pablo's men put makeup on the dead Pablo so he looks alive. Escobar then takes the picture of Pablo and sends it to his wife.

Maurizio, looking for Valencia, finds El Topo and as a result EL Topo sets to move Valencia out. El Chile gives Pablo's wife the picture but she is not convinced because he looks too pale.

Maurizio continues his search and meets once again with El Topo. Valencia screams for help but is not heard.

Pablo receives the money and then calls Maurizio telling him not get involved. He tells him that it is a very complex situation with the Cali Cartel. However Maurizio is not convinced.

El Coronel arrives and Escobar shows the dead Pablo to the Coronel. They give him to the Coronel but the Cornel wants someone higher up on the food chain. El Coronel does not know how to explain to his boss how he killed the man. Pablo shoots the Coronel's truck to make it seem as if he was chasing after drug lords.

Maurizio is convinced that Pablo has Valencia. El Topo calls Valencia and asks for $2 million dollars. Valencia is killed by Pablo's man and they start to pray for his soul.

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