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A picture of Marcus Herber from Pablo Escobar Novela. (Photo : Telemundo/Caracol)

Ernesto Chacon is released from the hospital with paparazzi's waiting outside for him.

In the meantime the drug lords head over to Herber's ranch as the police decide on whether to listen to Pablos anonymous phone call.

Patty and Pablo's problems continue because she is worried that Pablo is an assassin. Pablo reassures her that he is not and that if she does not trust him she should leave his house.

Gonzalo calls the Mottoa brothers and El Mariachi to tell them not to go to the party because the police will raid it.

The police also call Pablo so that he does not go to the party. However Pablo is already informed.

The police leave for Herber's ranch as he continues to party waiting for Pablo and his associates.The police find a woman who is going to the ranch and she decides to help them.

 Pablo waits in his office for the news of that Herber was captured. He also reconciles with Patty.

The woman they contracted looks for more women and in the meantime gives information to the police telling them every spot of the ranch. The capture of Herber will be seen tomorrow at 8pm on Telemundo due to the soccer match between Mexico and Costa Rica that will be televised during the programs normal hours.

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