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After lasting four rounds inside the ring against Manny Pacquiao as his sparring partner, former world junior lightweight champion Steve Forbes is convinced that the real Pacman is back, according to an article on Boxing Scene.

This is certainly contrary to Timothy Bradley's claims about Manny losing his fire, passion and aggressiveness to regain his lost title, due to his age. The Filipino fighter fired back by saying that Bradley's taunts only motivates him to become a better boxer.  

Back in February, the Rappler reported that Forbes wasn't quite convinced that Pacquiao would have the power to dominate Bradley in their upcoming rematch. He said, "I think it's a totally different fight. I of course thought Pacquiao won the first one like everyone else, but with Bradley taking [Juan Manuel] Marquez to school, I think part two is a new fight."

Now, Fred Sternberg, Top Rank's publicist quoted Forbes saying, "I just can't believe how fast Manny is and am impressed with the intensity and power he has shown."

He added, "Pacquiao looks just like the Manny we all remember from a couple of years ago when he fought [Oscar] De La Hoya, [Ricky] Hatton and [Miguel] Cotto."

Strenberg, who is always present during Pacquiao's workout sessions was also blown away by the boxer's condition and performance. He and Forbes said that Manny displayed "awesome speed, intensity, timing and power. The real Manny is back."

Forbes was chosen by Freddie Roach as Manny's second sparring partner. The first is the undefeated boxer, Lydell Rhodes. Roach believes that with the help of these two top-class fighters, Pacquiao will become an even more well-rounded fighter in preparation for his upcoming fight Bradley on April 12, PhilBoxing reported.  

The trainer described Forbes as an "intelligent and a good boxer" while Rhodes replicated the fighting style and speed of Bradley.

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