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A new online show where she will confess her most intimate secrets and share her feelings, thoughts and deepest wishes with the audience; this is the project that Chiquis Rivera, daughter of Jenni Rivera, will launch.

The reason Chiquis wishes to take her life to the public is because she's lived with that since she was a girl going along with her mother's career, saying that being the daughter of a great "diva" of music forced her to live in a reality show, managing criticism and venting her personal life on camera.

"It's something I'm already in. Since I was little with my mom's career, I lived it in the other realities I've already been on. I started with realities. I feel it's a way to manage criticism, everything said bout me. It's a reality show but I don't ignore the cameras... There are private things (I don't like sharing) but I feel that if I don't say it, someone else will, someone else will ask," said the young singer in an interview with La Opinión.

The project titled "Chiquis Confidential" will be broadcast through the website of the daughter of the late "Diva of Banda",, and will feature 48 episodes broadcast on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Chiquis detailed that her brothers, uncles and grandparents will participate in the project; those for which Jenni's death has not been easy and to share those moments will be one of the show's characteristics.

The premiere of "Chiquis Confidential" will be on Tuesday, April 1 at 3:00 p.m. PST, through her website.

Rumors of Chiquis' Wedding

Lately, the daughter of the late Jenni Rivera has been seen wearing a beautiful engagement ring in public, and rumors abound about a wedding.

In an interview with Estrella TV, Chiquis confessed she's engaged; however, she said that for now she has no plans to get married.

"There's no wedding for now, I'm focused on my career, on my children. I feel they need me, I don't think I'll be leaving my mom's house soon," said Chiquis, quoted by People.

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