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Gal Gadot constantly shares her workout routine via Twitterr to show off how she prepares for her role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming "Batman vs Superman" movie. (Photo : Twitter/GalGadot)

Along with all the hot news that surround the "Batman vs Superman" movie updates, the ever sexy actress Gal Gadot remains unstoppable in sharing to fans how she prepares to present that perfect Wonder Woman body!

It can be recalled how the "Fast & Furious" actress was once criticized for being way too thin and lacking the muscles to fit the popular female superhero role, according to Comic Book. Impressively, instead of being put down with the initial criticisms, Gadot decided to train harder and achieve those muscles ideally set for the role she will play.

The actress is currently training with Mark Twight, who also serves as the same trainer for her co-stars in the upcoming "Batman vs Superman" movie. She explained with E! Online how she concentrates on suspension training and finds TRX as her favorite exercise. "I do cardio, but I don't like it as much, I'd rather do weights," Gadot stated.

The Wonder Woman actress also added emphasis on how important it is to eat healthy and keep everything in correct balance. However, she admitted eating cheeseburgers still every once in a while.

Aside from Gal's awesome bud, another sexy actress is hinting on joining the film. Award winning actress Anne Hathaway recently said that she would love to play the Catwoman role again. The "Les Miserables" actress also had some personal advice to the star chosen to play Lex Luthor, Jessie Eisenberg.

Anne said, through an interview with Total Film, that the whole experience of being a superhero (or a super villain) is such a big thing, but it is still up to Jesse how he'll take it all in. "Just do your thing, they cast you for a reason," the actress said, hinting on the bashers of the actor who are saying he is way too young for the role.

"I think he's going to be remarkable. I'm really excited to see it," the "Rio 2" actress added about Jessie Eisenberg.

"Batman vs Superman" is set to hit the big screen by May 6, 2016.

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