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Doña Rosa Saavedra, the mother of the late Jenni Rivera, joins her family's artistic talent and debuts as a singer of Christian music, offering a concert on Feb. 14 at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena in California.

In a press conference called by Univisión, the matriarch of the Rivera family said that for many years she participated as a singer for the religious services of her church and described singing to God as a challenge that deserves profound respect.

"It's a challenge to be here and sing to the Lord. To do it you need a lot of respect. With the Lord there is no age, there is no obesity, no body or beauty," said Doña Rosa.

Rosa Rivera said that her artistic name will be "La Gran Señora", saying that her daughter, Jenni, granted her such a title and it's a pride for her to be called so.

When asked about the debut into the music industry of her granddaughter, Chiquis, Jenni's daughter, did with the song "Paloma Blanca", Doña Rosa said that both of Jenni's daughters had a great voice and that both had been a part of the church chorus and didn't hesitate to give her her blessings, according to La Opinión.

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During the press conference, Doña Rosa also took the opportunity to express her opinion on the controversy between her children when news broke out that her daughter Rosie wore one of Jenni's dresses when acting as the "Diva of Banda" in her niece's video.

"Who better than someone that looks so much like her, who better than her heiresses to wear her clothes?"

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After Jenni's sudden death in an airplane crash in 2012 in northern Mexico, the Rivera family has been involved in a wave of scandals and fights among brothers. However, the matriarch of the Rivera hopes that all the problems and misunderstandings can be resolves to continue to honor her daughter's memory.

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