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With blockbuster movies to his name, Paul Walker died with more than just the clothes on his back. In fact, he died a wealthy man.

People Magazine, which managed to obtain a copy of the actor's will, indicated that the star was worth $25 million. According to the document, his entire estate is to be inherited by Meadow Walker, his 15-year-old daughter.

In an interview with People from a few years ago, Walker was excited about his daughter's move from Hawaii to California, saying he was proud of his daughter who was a "good mix of her parents."

He also shared about his relationship with Meadow, telling the magazine that it wasn't easy raising a teenage girl. Walker shared, "You don't get as much feedback as a couple years ago. You ask a question and get a two-word answer, so there's a little frustration with that. But if I just shut up and sit back, she opens up and reveals a whole lot - the trick is to just listen."

As for Meadow, the 15-year-old is coping well with her father's death. Paul Walker Sr., her grandfather, opened up to E! News in December, saying that the teenager "is taking it really tough, but there again, she has family around her and some very, very loving friends and everybody they're all close."

The inheritance may get a little complicated, though. In a report from Business Insider, according to the will, the executor is Paul's father, and he recently petitioned the court to appoint Paul's mother Cheryl, to be Meadow's guardian, as well as the guardian of the multimillion fortune, which is what the actor also wanted.

The problem, however, is that Meadow has been living with her mother, Rebecca Soteros, since her father's death; and if Cheryl will become Meadow's guardian as well as the guardian of the inheritance, the teenager will have to live with her grandmother instead. There will be a court hearing scheduled later in the month.

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