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A four year sabbatical clearly did Dave Batista good.

Fans of "The Animal" had cheered his return to the World Wrestling Federation on January 26, Sunday, as professional wrestler Dave Bastita beat 30 other contenders in the Battle Royal. Entering the Royal Rumble on November 28 by winning a match against Roman Reigns, The Beacher Report said Batista will have the chance to reclaim his championship belt on April 6 from the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

SB Nation, on the other hand, said that Batista's win was too early, and showed influences from the WWE management. In its report, SB Nation said Batista emerging as the winner of the Royal Rumble was a result of strategic entry orders. Reigns was seen as the wrestler to beat when he managed to eliminate most of his competitors from the Royal Rumble. CM Punk, who was an early favorite, was eliminated by Kane, who later on got himself eliminated, said the sports blog. The live audience was clearly disappointed when the last entrant of the ring, masked Rey Mysterio, felt like everything was a large marketing ploy for Batista's return, the blog said.

On the other hand, Bryan, who had a life-threatening concussion at a qualifying match for the Royal Rumble, surprised his fans on Sunday. Notably though, Bryan's fans were not surprised about his return to the wrestling ring on Sunday, but at his loss from Bray Wyatt, The Bleacher Report said in a separate story.

A Yahoo Sports commentary said although Batista's win in the Rumble could be a good thing, his victory might leave a bad taste in the mouth as it was too soon and that WWE viewers are seeking for new blood to dominate the wrestling federation.

Perhaps voicing the sentiments of the many about his non-appearance in the Rumble and the results of last Sunday's Rumble, Bryan tweeted, "They try to keep US down and away from the top spots, but they can't ignore the reactions forever. Keep voicing your opinions. #YESMovement."

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