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The Porsche Carrera GT that was driven by Roger Rodas with Paul Walker as passenger, may have been travelling at 100 mph or more prior to its crash. This was indicated in the coroner's report released last Friday, according to Yahoo! News.

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The report said that investigators found no mechanical issues with the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT as well as debris or other problems on the road where the crash occurred. The said street where the accident happened was part of a one mile loop near industrial office parks. It is surrounded by hills and is isolated from traffic on weekends. There was a sign that the speed limit was at 45 mph attached to the light pole the car had crashed into before being engulfed in flame.

Forbes, quoting the Los Angeles County Coroner, wrote, "The car hit a light pole and tree, the impact was so powerful it spun the car 180 degrees until Walker's passenger side smashed into tree and burst into flames, causing the Porsche to almost split in half."

It added that the charred bodies of Rodas and Walker were in a defensive impact bracing position. Rodas' body was 100% covered by burn, with skull fractures and brain exposure. Walker on the other hand, suffered a fractured mandible, left clavicle, pelvic and rib fractures as well as a non-displaced spinal fracture. 

In a related matter, LA Times reported that two men who allegedly stole part of the wreckage of the Porsche where Walker and Rodas died pleaded not guilty to felony grand theft charges. The accused, James Brooks Witty and Anthony Edward Janow, allegedly stole a roof panel from a tow truck carrying the carcass of the Porsche Carrera GT from the Santa Clarita crash site.

This was later posted on Witty's Instagram account with the message, "Piece of Paul Walkers car, took it off a tow truck at stop light... #paulwalker #rip #comeup."



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