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As the year comes to end it is important to remember some of the most important performances of the year which will go unrecognized. These are performances by unknown actors who have made a mark in cinema in 2013 and who are sure to have success in their future movies.

The following is a list of actors who had a breakout year and who Latinos Post considered the best of the year:

Dane Dehaan- The 27 year old actor had one of his best years with two critically acclaimed films. In January the actor was seen in "Kill Your Darlings" at the Sundance Film Festival. The film later opened in October and he obtained Gotham award nomination for his turn. In this film Dehaan shows his turbulent and unpredictable side. He gives a tour-de-force turn here as he is able to coerce the audience into making him a likeable character. In March "The Place Beyond the Pines" saw him in a completely different role. Here Dehaan showed his frailty and insecurity as his character goes through an emotional journey in trying to come to terms with his identity. Dehaan showed range as an actor and this alone makes his upcoming challenge as Harry Osborn in "The Amazing Spider-man 2" one of the most anticipated performances of the year.

Jack Reynor- It's not easy to carry a film as the central character. However Reynor, a newcomer, who has been in short films and small Hollywood roles, did just that in a moody and dark film called "What Richard Did." The film won him Best Actor award at the Irish Film and Television Awards. While the movie only made a meager $3,000 at the box office and did not qualify for the Academy Awards, Reynor transforms from a happy, popular jock into a man filled with agony and guilt. It is a difficult performance to watch but one that will truly be unforgettable and should be ranked among the best the year has to offer. Reynor will next be seen in "Transformers 4" and is one of the only reasons to see the gargantuan film.

Brie Larson- It's hard to be considered for the Best Actress race especially when your film was not accepted into the Sundance Film Festival. However Larson's small drama "Short Term 12" has carried the movie all the way to the Critics Choice where she was nominated for Best Actress. Larson's performance is one of bravura and one that shows her unpredictability, physicality, fearlessness, and frailty as an actress. It is a performance that stays with you and one that is sure to make Larson a star in the coming years.

Tye Sheridan- It was only two years ago that Sheridan appeared in "The Tree of Life" in a small but important role. This year Sheridan carried "Mud," one of the most acclaimed films of the year. The performance shows off the actor's innocent gestures but also hints at what may become brilliance in the future. Sheridan is expressive and a strong screen presence and for that reason he was nominated for the Best Young Actor award at the Critics Choice awards. It is exciting to see what this brilliant actor will do in the future.

Lindsay Burge- While no one saw "A Teacher" and critics disliked the ambiguity of the movie, there was one thing that stood out - Burge. The talent this young actress has is something spectacular. She is able to make a three dimensional character even though the script inhibits her. Burge brings sensuality, eroticism and vulnerability to her tortured teacher who sleeps with one of her students. It is a shame the young actress has not been recognized for her outstanding work but this role is sure to put her on the map and get her bigger projects.

Michael B. Jordan- "Fruitvale Station" may not have been a great film if the casting would have been off. However Ryan Coogler's decision to cast the fierce Jordan was the best decision he made in the casting process. The actor is intense in every moment carrying the film all by himself. He brings to life the real life figure Oscar Grant with pain and tenderness. The scenes with the young actress Ariana Neal are some of the most tender and heartbreaking of the year and while they may be criticized for being a bit to saccharine, Jordan brings truth to these moments. Jordan will be seen in "That Awkward Moment" and is slated for an outstanding career.

Lupita Nyong'o- It's rare for a new actress in her first film to steal scenes from seasoned actors like Michael Fassbender, Sarah Paulson and Chiwetel Ejiorfor. However Nyong'o does just that and makes one of the most heartbreaking and unforgettable characters this year as the tortured slave Patsy. Nyong'o's performance is physical as she goes through a rape scene, a whipping scene and getting a plate smashed in her face. She is also forced to go through an emotional rollercoaster. Nyong'o's presence in this film shows that even though she is not a seasoned actor she is a great actress.

Barkhad Abdi- Similar to Nyong'o, Abdi had never been in a Hollywood production; in fact, he had never trained professionally. Abdi has a fierce role in "Captain Phillips" that can easily be handled as a complete villain. However in the hands of Greengrass and his direction to Abdi, the Somali actor turned his character into a three dimensional vulnerable human. It is truly one of the most memorable performances of the year and one that will propel his acting career.

Adele Exarchopoulos- The French Actress is one of the great discoveries in years. Her performance in "Blue is the Warmest Color" marked her first leading role in a film and shows her range as both a young inexperienced teen to an adult woman. She begins as a girl taking sexual risks into a confused woman torn between her love for her girlfriend and jealousy and the lack of passion left in their relationship. The performance is not only raw and full of truth but also one of the most explicit and challenging for an actress and one that few are willing to take. It is truly the work of a virtuoso and one that truly captures the reality.   

Oscar Isaac-The Coen brothers have always been known for getting great performances from their actors and Isaac's performance in "Inside Llewyn Davis" is one the finest performances they have obtained. Isaac's music performances are some of the most compelling moments in the film and while his character is not most likeable, Isaac's charisma and charm in the film make audiences root for Llewyn. Isaac may not get the Oscar nomination he deserves for this role, but he will benefit from a successful career.

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