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(Photo: Instagram daddyyankee)

Reggaeton singer Daddy Yankee is preparing the release of his latest album "El Imperio Nazza: King Daddy".

Last month the singer revealed the details of his digital production via his Instagram account "daddyyankee". The production is already on sale on iTunes.

In an interview with the Associated Press, this icon and reggeaton pioneer said that the success of "El Imperio Nazza: King Daddy" took him by surprise since he only planned to release the album digitally, but his fans have asked him to release it physically.

The album will be released in early 2014, and it contains 14 songs inspired by stories the singer found in his home-country Puerto Rico.

The singer showed his happiness as he noted he's still a fan-favorite after so many years in the world of reggaeton. Some of the artist's songs have been chosen to be featured in Hollywood movies like "Fast and Furious".

"I didn't go out looking for sales, I wasn't looking for anything. I just let the music flow," Daddy Yankee said.

Daddy Yankee told the AP that many artists are not supported by their music alone anymore, and he's investing his profits in various projects, like the launch of his tequila "El Cartel".

"You used to be able to live off music alone, but not today. One has to diversify to be successful. My vision all this time was, besides being artist, becoming a giant brand and that's what we're doing," Daddy Yankee explained.

The artist is seeking to position himself as a new brand in the US market and Latin America and already released a perfume called "DY", a video game and a new line of headphones called "Prestige". He is currently preparing new products for 2014, as well.

"We have incredible projects that will be released next year... I'd like to take it easy revealing everything we're doing," the Puerto Rican said.

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