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Are you a fan of that purple-and-yellow themed West Coast NBA team? Or are you following the L.A. Lakers' games just because you're beholden to the iconic basketball-playing moves of the "Black Mamba"?

You're not alone.

You do know all too well how ardent Lakers fans are, mainly because of Kobe Bryant's membership in the team. If you can't get enough of the 35-year-old NBA star, you'll naturally want to own a piece of him - like the upcoming Kobe 9 sneakers.

Nike is known for creating sports footwear collections under the names and patronage of famous and cult favorite athletes, like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and of course, Kobe Bryant. The ongoing development of new shoe models under the Kobe line proves the commercial viability and strength of the Mamba's army of fans. In fact, the company has made multiple sneaker editions within a short timeframe for the Kobe line-up - 8 to be exact, according to the Los Angeles Times.

One model will be rolled out each week in the run up to the grand launch of the newest Kobe basketball kicks, which is something that Nike hasn't really done for some NBA stars under its roster. Then, after the 8th reissue of previous Kobe shoes has been launched, the ultimate pair will be unveiled - the Kobe 9 Elite "Masterpiece" - on February 8, 2014.

The Masterpiece, which Nike described as featuring Nike Flywire, Flyknit, and Lunatron technologies, will retail at a hefty $225. But for certified Kobe fans, money is no object. The real worry here is whether avid Mamba followers will be able to grab a pair before stocks run out - this new release is said to be "limited to some extent," noted Sneaker News.

To get a pair of Kobe 9 Elite Masterpiece, shop at the Nike Store. You can also follow the company on Twitter so you're abreast of the latest news about shoe stocks and ordering details.

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