First Posted: Dec 07, 2013 02:39 PM EST
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International superstar Shakira (Photo : T-Mobile)

Is baby Milan going to have a baby brother to play with? According to news site Univisión, Colombian superstar Shakira has cancelled her appearances because she is pregnant with her second child.

According to Latin Times, when the "Whenever, wherever" singer was pregnant with Milan, she also called off her apperances, including her concert at Chilean Viña del Mar Music Festival. "I hope we can make her come some time. What happened is that she does not want to come, she has no interest to return to the festival where she competed when no one knew her," said city mayor Virginia Reginaldo, according to news site Caracol.

"She has not sharplly said that she doesn't want to be here... I feel that she has a lot of situations that have not let her perform, like being pregnant and taking care of her child," added Reginaldo.

During an interview with Colombian magazine Aló, Shakira confessed she would like to have another baby very soon.

"We definitely want more children! It's just a matter of time for us to get organized. Luckily, I laugh a lot lately thanks to great personal happiness, enjoying my profession and having a good time with my loved ones," said the singer, according to E! News.

"My son has a unique personality. He loves being in the studio with me because he's a very curious child and he's very comfortable in that environment. I was very happy with how good of a time he had when he came with me for the first time, and now I've realized I have a small rock star at home, since he loves Green Day," said the singer.

Shakira revealed during an interview that recording her new album was even harder than giving birth. "Having Milan only took like a second to deliver, but this new album is already taking three years! It's definitely easier to give birth than make a new album," she said, according to Latin Times. Maybe it was too much work for her, and she finally decided to have a second baby instead.

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