By Jorge Calvillo ( | First Posted: Feb 13, 2014 01:31 AM EST

(Photo: Reuters)

Pope Francis might be sneaking out of the Vatican, evading security guards at nights with the intention of secretly helping the homeless on the streets of Rome, according to Catholic website Aci Prensa.

The Pope named Konrad Krajewski the Papal Almoner, a Bishop that had already served Pope John Paul II and who inferred during a press conference that Pope Francis might be sneaking out at night to help the poor.

Krajewski explained that Pope Francis might get into trouble since the Vatican forbids nocturnal outings to the Pope.

"At the beginning, when I used to walk Rome at night, sometimes the Pope would ask me if he could come along, and he didn't realize the problems he could create if her left the Vatican", Krajewski said.

When he was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires in Argentina, Pope Francis would go out every night to help the poor, sharing food and sitting with them on the streets. Which, according to Aci, led the role of Almoner to take on a new meaning since instead of helping from an office, Francis asked Krajewski to go out on the streets to help.

"You won't sit behind a desk. You can sell that. Don't expect people to knock on your door, go seek them. I want you among the people to take my charity to the poor, the homeless, the last ones", Krajewski quotes what the Pope told him.

The 50-year-old Papal Almoner begins his activities every day at 4:30 a.m. and according to the Associated Press, welcomes a Papal messenger at his home who delivers all the letters from people requesting help, and instructions from the Pope.

Krajewski is the youngest Almoner the Vatican has ever had, since this post was usually occupied by an older Cardinal, usually 75-years-old, but this was changed by Pope Francis who wanted someone younger so he could interact more with those in need.

The AP explained that the Almoner's task is to carry out charitable actions and to raise funds for said actions. It's very important for Pope Francis that the Almoner can have direct contact with the poor, and covers economic necessities so can Krajewski can do his job.

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