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The image is a file photo of a Carerra GT from Porsche during a car show. (Photo : )

The Porsche Carrerra GT is a different car altogether, as reported by, with thrice the horsepower of an average car and notoriety for being difficult to handle on the road. Now it will be known as the car that Paul Walker was riding when he met his fiery end.

There are many characteristics of the car which may have contributed to the accident that left Walker and his driving team partner Roger Rodas dead after hitting a pole and the car being engulfed in fire. These are the expert's take on the matter:

1. The quoted Jeremy Clarkson, presenter for BBC's top rated "Top Gear", on his review of the limited edition Porsche, "You need to be awake to drive this fast. It really isn't an easy car to control. The clutch is brutal, the power is savage and the really are on a knife edge. But if you put in the effort, boy oh boy, do you get the rewards. It is a phenomena -- mind-blowingly good. Make a mistake, it bites your head off."

2. The said the Porsche Carrera GT did not have the current standard stability control mechanisms. This safety feature was removed to allow the driver a minimum of electronic interference when driving the vehicle at its full performance peak but making the vehicle trickier to control.

3. The, quoting, had reported a warning issued by the manufacturer to its sellers. It said, "The Carerra GT is as close to a racecar as we will ever get. This car has all the disadvantages of a racecar. You need to help negotiating small inclines. You need to be aware of what type of road surface you are on." In essence, the report stated the car's road issues may result in danger as "this vehicle cannot drive over a Foster Beer can that is lying on its side."

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