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Maria Sharapova will not play in this year's U.S. Open due to an injury on her shoulder that has hampered her recent performance. "I have done everything I could since Wimbledon to get myself ready, but it just wasn't enough time," said the Russian tennis player. (Photo : REUTERS/Chris Raphael/AELTC/Pool)

Former world's No.1 and four-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova is reportedly pregnant with Bulgarian tennis star Grigor Dimitrov's baby, according to Tennis

Sharapova, who skipped the U.S. Open Championship and WTA Tour Finals due to a nagging shoulder injury, has been out of the tour for roughly three months, and rumors had it that the 26-year-old Russian tennis star is currently pregnant.

Sharapova and the 22-year-old Dimitrov have been openly dating since the start of the season. There are reports that the up-and-coming Bulgarian netter is already living with Sharapova in her Los Angeles residence.

Dimitrov, who is ranked 22nd in the world, has already left Good To Great Academy for a chance to work out his game under the tutelage of Roger Rasheed.

Spreading the Rumor

According to publication Russian Star, Sharapova reportedly went to see a doctor at a Los Angeles maternity center last month and had a check up for the second time a month later.

The press added that the two were spotted in a restaurant on Oct. 15, and surprisingly, Sharapova only drank a glass of water.

This report triggered speculation that Sharapova might be indeed pregnant with Dimitrov's baby, but then again, the Russian camp insisted the reports are nothing but rumors.

Sharapova Denying It

Sharapova immediately squashed rumors of her pregnancy by posting a funny comment on her Twitter account as a response to the question of a follower, who asked the tennis star whether or not she's really pregnant.

"@Sandytheguy Must be the bread roll I had the other night #AskMS," Sharapova tweeted.

This is not the first time Sharapova denied about her association with Dimitrov. In a September interview with Larry King, the Russian star admitted that she's dating Dimitrov, but denied reports of her engagement with the Bulgarian.

In an interview with Dimitrov, the Bulgarian also confirmed his relationship with Sharapova and explained that things are just simple and elementary between them.

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