By Jorge Calvillo ( | First Posted: Oct 28, 2013 11:38 PM EDT

This is a file photo of Canadian pop idol Justin Bieber. (Photo : Reuters)

Along with his professional success, Justin Bieber's career has given a lot to talk about owing to the numerous scandals he's been involved with: smoking marijuana, punching paparazzi and spitting on his fans.

The young idol continues to gather thousands of followers throughout the world, but his uninhibited attitude seems to get even more attention.

According to Mexico's newspaper La Crónica, the pop singer, who performed a concert in Panama last Thursday to the enjoyment of thousands of his fans, hired the services of a prostitute at the end of his concert.

According to the same source, at the end of his concert in Panama last October 24, the Canadian singer went to a gentleman's club known as "Le Palace", where he allegedly hired the services of at least ten prostitutes.

According to Panamanian newspaper La Crítica, quoted by Europa Press, the prostitute that spent the night with Bieber told the newspaper that Bieber and his bodyguards arrived at the gentlemen's club at around 2:55, local time, five minutes before the club closed, and solicited the services of 10 women.

The singer's security team took the women's phones and personal belongings and shortly after the singer entered the club, hiding under a hood.

According to the prostitute, who asked the Panamanian media not to reveal her identity, "That's a lovely man. He kissed me on the forehead, on the nose, and we were smoking weed".

The girl that spent the night with Bieber also said that the young Canadian and his team were very generous, since she received $500 for her services, straight from Bieber's hand.

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