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Pablo Escobar Novela (Photo : Telemundo/Caracol)

Marcus Herber and Pablo confront each other as Pablo has not been able to kill Coronel Jimenez.

They forgive each other and make peace.

In the meantime Patty tries to fix her son's issues with the rich family. She tells them that she understands that they look down upon the Escobar family

Jorge, the insider, becomes sick after killing the reporter and Pablo notices. Coronel Jimenez plans a trip with his family continuing to believe that he is no longer threatened by the drug lords. El Chili and El Topo distract the protection of Coronel Jimenez and disguise themselves.

Yessenia and Marino continue together. Marino proposes that they become friends but Yessenia says that Pablo would never allow it.

Patty is able to conciliate with his son's friends, scaring the parents off.

Pablo meets with his associates and tells them that they should kill Marcus Herber so that he does not continue being a threat.  However his associates disagree and tell him that they need to be united.

El Chili and El Topo enter the police force disguised. They look for Coronel Jimenez but are almost caught. Coronel Jimenez continues traveling not realizing that he is in fact being followed.  El Chili and El Topo kill the two policemen they disguised themselves as and then go to Sasima where El Coronel is staying. EL Coronel arrives but makes sure to put security all around and even gives his older son a gun for protection.

El Chili and El Topo arrive and start to figure out where the ranch El Coronel is staying. Chili calls Pablo but Pablo is unsatisfied and tells him he  has two days to kill El Coronel.


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