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Grand Theft Auto 5 has a huge amount of secrets and easter eggs hidden throughout the game, and one set of secrets that users may have overlooked is the variety of rare vehicles that are available in the game. To help gamers acquire a special ride to travel around Los Santos in, here is a list of rare vehicles and where to acquire them.

It should be noted that if players want to keep these rare cars and trucks they must store them in one of their safe house garages, or else it will not be saved as being in their possession.

One of the most interesting and hardest to attain vehicles in the game is the spaceship-themed ride called "Omega." Players can obtain this off road vehicle for free, but players must find all 50 spaceship parts in Los Santos to get the vehicles. Franklin is the only one who can use the spaceship-themed vehicle.

Users can find an unmarked police car hidden in Los Santos if they follow some very specific requirements. The unmarked police car can be spotted underneath the Olympic Freeway parked by the Metro Station in Strawberry. However, the vehicle only spawns at night.

Two luxury sports cars can be bought in the game through the in-game website For $1 million players can buy the Adder, which can be picked up in Rockford Hills down the road from the clothing store located in the neighborhood. If players have $10 million to spend they can purchase the Z-Type, the most expensive car in the game.

The Grand Senora Desert holds two vehicles that players can find only at certain times. The FIB Buffalo and FIB SUV are found near each other near the Grand Senora Deserts' Satellite Dishes, but can only be obtained at 10:00 a.m. in-game time.

Players will get two different watercraft to play around with if they choose to purchase the Sonar Collection Docks. In order to help players finish the quests, the purchase of the dock gives users the mini-sub to explore the watery depths of Los Santos, along with a dinghy for paddling around.

Finally, Fort Zancudo holds one of the most coveted vehicles in the game, the P-996 fighter jet. Players have to sneak their way into the base and steal the jet, no small task. However, if you pull off this feat and park it in a hanger the jet is yours. 

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