First Posted: Oct 05, 2013 08:19 AM EDT

Laura Bozzo (Photo : Twitter/laurabozzo)

The very public feud between Televisa's talk show host Laura Bozzo and CNN en Español presenter Carmen Aristegui is nowhere being done yet. Now, Aristegui has dig into the Peruvian TV host's past and exposed her for being part of a criminal network in Perú for which Bozzo was placed under house arrest for three years, Latin Times reported.

The CNN presenter's source was public prosecutor Julio Arbizu, who specializes in crimes of corruption in Perú. Aristegui said Bozzo was involved in a series of irregularities, illegalities , and an "absolutely aberrant behavior for a democracy" during Alberto Fujimori's regime. The "Laura" host was linked to a network that bribed congressmen, businessmen, journalists and the tabloids, according to Latin Times.

In order to confirm her research, Aristegui asked Arbizu, "Why don't you tell us the story that involves Alberto Fujimori, Vladimiro Montesinos and Televisa's favorite host?" The prosecutor confirmed the allegations were true and said there was a diversion of the Army's resources to the National Intelligence, directed by Vladimiro Montesinos, who after receiving the money, distributed it to others involved. Their objective was promoting Fujimori to guarantee his reelection.

Bozzo was sentenced to four years of house arrest under charges of corruption. She also had to pay ten thousand dollars. According to Latin Times, she used her show in Peru to distract audiences with other situations, "so people would forget the condition of the country thanks to the regime."

Once again, Bozzo might be investigated for venturing into the state of Guerrero to help out the victims of the storm 'Manuel.' "Usurping rescuer functions can be punished with imprisonment," Aristegui said. "The administrative laws do not authorize the use of rescue services for individuals, including the use of equipment and the uniform. These are actions for which prosecution is expected."

The 62-year-old host took to her show to defend herself. "Mrs. Aristegui has attacked me again when she interviewed a Hugo Chavez follower (Arbizu) that followed me for a long time and dug out a case that was handled by Peru justice, for which I was declared innocent, but was under house arrest for three years. I never received any jewelry or US $3 million. You, Mrs. Aristegui, don't know what is like to be in jail. You don't know what it's like that one of your daughters, aged 14 at the time, saw when you were handcuffed unjustly ... Why do you hate me so much?"

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