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Tim Bradley, left, and Juan Manuel Marquez, right, will meet each other in the ring on Oct 12, 2013 (Photo : Reuters)

Juan Manuel Marquez believed divine justice was in full effect when he knocked out his rival Manny Pacquiao in the sixth round of their welterweight showdown last December.

In the first episode of HBO's "Marquez vs. Bradley 24/7" presentation, Marquez reminisced about his epic fourth showdown with Pacquiao and the moment when he landed that devastating punch that sent Pacman face-first to the canvass with one second to go in the sixth round.

"It was great. The best thing that has ever happened to me in this sport," Marquez said in an episode of the HBO reality series "24/7," as quoted by Ring TV. "I believe in divine justice. This fight is proof that it is real."

"To win the way that I did, it's like God gave me a way to do it," added Marquez, who is scheduled to fight Timothy Bradley Jr. for the WBO Welterweight Championship on October 12 at Thomas & Mach Center in Las Vegas, Nev.

Marquez, who went 0-2-1 in his first three fights with Pacman, said that he never doubted he would win in their fourth showdown, insisting that his fatal counterpunch which landed on Pacquiao's jaw was on his mind all along.

"I felt like I could beat him after the first round. I felt strong. I felt agile. I felt fast," said the 40-year old Marquez. "The time keeper signaled the 10 seconds left. I didn't hear anything. I was just waiting for Pacquiao to feint. When Pacquiao feints, he leans forward. I kept waiting for that feint so I could land that counter punch, and that's how I ended it," Marquez said.

Marquez, who repeatedly rejected any idea of a fifth battle with Pacquiao, is looking to become the first Mexican in history to win a title in five different divisions when he takes on Bradley roughly in two weeks.

Coming off a 12-round slugfest with Russia's Ruslan Provodnikov, Bradley said Marquez would regret picking him as his next opponent and vowed to send the Mexican into retirement.

"After the Ruslan fight, they were okay with fighting me, because they think I'm damaged goods," Bradley told Ring TV. "He chose to stick around, man. He should have retired at the highest point of his career."

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