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Disney Infinity has managed to build itself a strong niche by delivering a solid gaming experience mixed with the ability to collect and play with real-life action figures, much like the Skylander franchise. The game has several action figures from a wide variety of movies in the Disney roster available for gamers and collectors to purchase, and now new information about the next characters added to the game and action figure line has been revealed by IGN.

It should be noted that different stores will receive different figures, and some characters may be exclusive to certain retailers. Also, Toy Box Packs are groups of figures that will only be available in the Toy Box portion of the game, and will not have a story-based campaign like other characters.

The first big name character available for the game in the fall will be Toy Story's Woody, which will be a Wal-Mart Exclusive that goes on sale on Oct. 1. Woody will be a playable character in the Toy Story Play Set as well as for use in the Toy Box found in the game. It is also rumored that Woody will eventually be released to other retailers at some point.

The next character who will be released is Jack Skellington, which will be available at Gamestop exclusively on Oct. 5. The star of The Nightmare Before Christmas movie will be a Toy Box only figure, and could offer players the chance to potentially recreate some scenes from the Kingdom Hearts video games. Jack Skellington is expected to get a wider release on Oct. 28, though nothing is confirmed.  

The Toy Story Play Set will be released on Oct. 22, and will be sold separately from the Woody action figure. This Play Set will include Buzz Lightyear and Jessie. The next character confirmed for release (and as a Best Buy exclusive initially) is Wreck-It Ralph. The character will only function in the Toy Box, and will be released on Nov. 22.

On Nov. 26, two separate items will be released: the Frozen Toy Box Pack with Anna and Elsa and the Series 2 Power Discs. These power ups will give different characters bonuses within the video game, along with some special items for the game, such as Captain Hook's ship and The Electric Mayhem Bus.

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