By Peter Lesser ( | First Posted: Sep 25, 2013 03:32 PM EDT

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“NCIS: LA” returns tonight for its fifth season, picking up amidst the turmoil and chaos from the Season 4 finale. It promises to be a pivotal episode in the lives of Deeks and Sam, as they find themselves in the hands of unrelenting torture. And for fans who can’t stand the anticipation, showrunner Shane Brennan shares details on the upcoming premiere as well as an unexpected midseason surprise.

Fans are confident that Deeks and Sam will survive, as the show wouldn’t be the same without them, but are more curious as to how they will survive and how they’ll deal with the aftershock. “It is always hectic to come out of these things and explore what the implications are,” Brennan said. “Not just for them, but for their relationships with others.”

And let the faint hearted beware. “We pick it up where we left off, roll straight into it and it’s pretty full-on, for want of a better description,” Brennan said. “There’s a big surprise in it. When we think that they’re about to be rescued, maybe they’re not. It gets pretty brutal for the guys. And then there are the ramifications of that, which certainly ripple very deeply into the season.”

For those wrapped up in the love story between Kensi and Deeks, Brennan promises a satisfying entry into Season 6. “The second episode is very, very emotional. And in Episode 4, there’s a scene between Hetty and Granger, where they’re talking about Kensi and Deeks, and basically Hetty says, ‘Partnerships can be tricky.’ So it really cuts deeply into this season, and there are some very, very big surprises and big turns. This is probably the most laid-out season we’ve ever done. We know every turning point of this season and it really is quite powerful.”

“NCIS: LA” returns to CBS tonight, September 25. Be ready for gritty images and heart wrenching romance. The premiere is coming armed and fully loaded.

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