First Posted: Sep 25, 2013 12:04 PM EDT

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In every dwindling relationship, there’s always hope of a brighter future. No matter how stale, old or frustrating it gets. If it’s true love, everything will work out, right? Even after a relationship has ended, although not in every case (obviously), there are hopes of getting back together. Even your friends root for a rekindled flame. It’s a beautiful sight, and now fans of the hit series “The Big Bang Theory” may get that opportunity.

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Raj’s ex is on her way back. That’s right, Kate Micucci will be returning for the seventh season of “The Big Bang Theory” as Lucy, the awkward but adorable girl who left a helpless Raj in the Season 6 finale, reports TVLine. She’s set to return on the November 14 episode after coming into contact with Penny.

“She’s wonderful,” said Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj on the show. “Just getting to work with such a wonderful actress was really, really, fun… The writers love her, the producers love her, the audience loves her.”

And it’s a good thing too. Perhaps her return will spark their former romance, which Raj desperately needs. Now that he’s building the confidence to talk to girls, he’s a walking disaster. “Everything that he’s been wanting to say for his entire life is coming out,” Nayyar said. “Not well, obviously. At least he thinks he’s doing a good job of it.”

And lucky for him, executive producer Steve Molaro shares inspiring words. “The door was intentionally left wide open” for Kate Micucci, who plays Lucy, to return as Raj’s ex. “Raj said at the end of Season 6, ‘I pushed it too hard. I need to give her some space.’ And he’s still heartbroken about Lucy and sort of picking up the pieces and trying to move forward… But I love those characters together.”

“The Big Bang Theory” returns to CBS tomorrow, September 26.

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