By Staff Reporter ( | First Posted: Sep 25, 2013 04:59 AM EDT

'N Sync (Photo : Flickr/FashionbyHe)

You might not have noticed but 'N Sync actually appeared on "Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones"! That is, until George Lucas cut them out of the film in postproduction.

According to MTV, the boy group actually asked the new film's producer, Rick McCallum, if they could appear on the sci-fi film. It turns out that most members of the group were actually avid fans. It was then reported that some members - although not specified who, will be seen for a "fleeting moment" in a big scene with lots of extras.

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The "fleeting moment" somehow flew out the window when Lucas admitted that he only agreed to film 'N Sync in order to satisfy his daughters. The condemnation of "Star Wars" fans over the whole 'N Sync cameo idea also pushed LucasFilm to make such decisions.

Joey Fatone personally announced the decision by calling up a Florida radio station. "I'm going to make it officially known [LucasFilm] dropped [the scenes] because people made a big deal about it. We're not going to be in it and I'm not going to comment on it anymore," stated Fatone.