First Posted: Sep 23, 2013 04:07 PM EDT

(Photo: Twitter @Zuleyka_Rivera)

The telenovela "Cosita Linda", starring Christian Meier and Mexican actress Ana Lorena Sánchez, is to premiere soon due to the accelerated filming pace of its episodes, reported TVNotas.

The entertainment magazine shared a message from star Christian Meier regarding his relationship with his costar and the rest of the cast saying, "The chemistry with her is the worst, as always! No, I'm lying, it's wonderful. I love working with her."

This telenovela will mark the return of the handsome Peruvian to telenovelas, thanks to the Venevisión production soon to be broadcast on Univisión; it's also Ana Lorena Sánchez's chance to debut on the small screen in her first starring role.

The actress told TV Notas, "Christian is a proper gentleman. He's a great professional. I love him. He's a beautiful person and a great talent."

Besides their roles, the cast is also comprised by Jason Canela, brother of singer Jencarlos Canela, and the villain in "Cosita Linda" will be former Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera.

"I'm very happy with my character. The shooting is going well. I'm very much in love with the story," said Zuleyca according to the entertainment news site.

 People en Español explains that for some time, there was a rumor of Elizabeth Gutiérrez having a starring role in the story.  "It's my first starring role. I'm happy", actress Ana Lorena told People. Thanks to this opportunity, she might jump to stardom, as Blanca Soto did thanks to her participation in telenovela "Eva Luna," 

Thanks to the production's flexibility, actress Zuleyka Rivera has been able to take her son José Sebastián Barea, 1, to the shooting on-set, and she has also shared various pictures through her personal Twitter account @Zuleyka_Rivera in which she can be seen with part of the cast of "Cosita Linda", including Alberto Salaberri, Christian Meier and Alfredo Huereca.


Zuleyka Rivera, Pedro Moreno, Scarlet Gruber, Adrián Di Monte, Carolina Tejera, Alma Delfina, Alfredo Huereca, Henry Zakka, Alberto Salaberri, Mariet Rodríguez y Mijail Mulkay.  Ana Belen Lander, Emeraude Toubia, Cristina Bernal, Franklin Virguez, Sandra Itzel, Patricio Gallardo, Danilo Carrera, Anna Silvetti, Tali Duclaud, Gisela Abumrad, Jason Canela and Liliana Rodríguez comprise the cast of "Cosita Linda".

TV Schedule and Dates

"Cosita Linda" could reach the US between October and November, at 8 p.m. EST / 7 p.m. CST on Univisión @OliverDog @AnaLorenaSM", referred by Foros Univisión.

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