By Peter Lesser ( | First Posted: Sep 23, 2013 12:41 PM EDT

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Although its frosty winds have begun to claw at our vulnerable morning skin, winter is still a season away. There’s still plenty of time to chop wood, replace the screen windows and rake the leaves. There’s no reason to rush into winter rituals, for once it arrives, it will overstay its welcome by several months. The anticipation of winter is exciting. It’s something to look forward to, but take it all with a grain of salt.

Because then the cold arrives. The wind nips at our rosy cheeks and makes mundane chores like collecting the mail a nightmarish experience. Although the beauty peeks its head out on sunny days where pillowy snow blankets the landscape, the relentless, never ending cold ties it up and holds it hostage until spring chips away at its frigid grip. Fortunately, there’s always a silver lining. Winter television will provide a homesafe for those suffering from the cold. It’s an opportunity to snuggle under piles of blankets in front of a roaring fire while enjoying television’s best.

“Justified” will return with amidst the throw of winter for its fifth season, and while the premiere is still several months away, several details from production paint an early pictures for fans to feast on.

Natalie Zea’s pregnant Winona will return for Season 5, but in an unknown capacity, TVLine reports. However, she won’t be rocking a baby bump, but in fact a baby itself. That’s right. Winona could be a mother before fans anticipated.

So enjoy the fall foliage to the fullest. Its vibrant beauty will be devoured by a grey, arid winter. Then once the cold becomes unbearable, you can hide in the comfort of your living room and get your weekly dose of “Justified,” which returns in January to FX.

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