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The iOS 7 software update on an iOS 6 device (Photo Credit: Apple/screenshot by Michael Oleaga)

As if some Apple device owners didn't have a hard time receiving download error messages and the load times, an iMessage dilemma has confused many iOS 7 users.

Apple device owners have went to Support Communities to express and share problems with iMessage following the installation of iOS 7.

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"My iMessage & FaceTime won't work after I updated to iOS 7. Just says waiting to activate. Anyway I can fix this?" wrote Seanm85 on Sept. 18, the same day the iOS launched worldwide.

Awooldridge14 added, "I'm having the exact same problem. I've tried everything I can think of to fix it. What is going on!? If I would have known there was going to be a problem I would have waited to download the update"

"Mine is stuck at waiting to activate and it's really annoying. Come on apple," shared Zanthonyt.

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Apple did provide a solution in July this year for a similar situation, stating, "To use iMessage with your Apple ID, navigate to Settings > Messages > Receive At and tap Use your Apple ID for iMessage."

Another solution was provided on Support Communities by tphelms, noting, "I tried some of the fixes noted here including restoring my network settings. Nothing worked. So I backed up the phone and restored it on iTunes, then imported the settings back to the phone. Now it all works including iMessage and Facetime."

YouTube also provided a visual to other ways to fix the iMessage activation.

If you have encountered a different solution, let us know in the comments section below!

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