By Jorge Calvillo ( | First Posted: Sep 20, 2013 05:03 AM EDT

Maite Perroni (Photo : Facebook)

Mexican singer and actress Maite Perroni has dismissed rumors about an alleged photo shoot in which she would pose for a gentlemen's magazine.

In an interview for television show "Hoy," broadcast in Mexico by Televisa, the young singer assured that she feels sexy, but she wouldn't pose provocatively.

"I feel comfortable as a woman, and as women we have different facets and according to the circumstances we explore each of them", told the lovely singer to Televisa's show, reported People en Español.

The former RBD member cleared up in between jokes that she doesn't get as many kinds of offers of this type as one would expect, at least not as many as other celebrities. "Not many, really... I don't think it's my style, I simply believe they're moments and I don't have many proposals of this type," commented the Mexican actress.

Maite Perroni assured that despite everything she is comfortable with her body, and she loves to dress fashionably, as long as it suits her. "You have to learn to discover what it is that makes you look good, your body, skin, hair, your colors... I believe that way you get the most out of it," commented the Mexican, quoted by People.

Next week, the singer will begin her tour through Latin America promoting her first official solo album, "Eclipse de Luna," from which her first single "Tú y Yo" comes.

It's a "more adult" facet for the singer, famous for her role in RBD. "I'm not pretending to have grown, I'm not pretending to be the girl I was in RBD. I only pretend to be Maite in this new phase. A more adult phase, where I'm going to share something different," recently declared the lovely singer to news website Terra regarding her new album.

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