First Posted: Sep 19, 2013 11:39 PM EDT

Muriel “Mickie” Sieber (Photo : Reuters)

Successful millionaire Muriel "Mickie" Sieber who died last August decided to inherit $100,000 to her Chihuahua "Monster Girl", amount that will ensure the pet's comfort and luxury lifestyle that she is used to.

According to information published by Assocaited Press, Muriel Siebert, the first women to hold a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, stipulated in her will that her pet would benefit thousands of dollars, which will be administered by Linda Foz Frazer, one of the most intimate and close friends of the billionaire.

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Siebert died of cancer at the age of 84, and left most of her fortune to her own foundation dedicated to promote financial literacy and the humane support of animals.