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After a three-year absence from television, Ana Maria Canseco is making her big return on Telemundo's morning show "Un Nuevo Dia." The TV host recently spoke to Latinos Post and revealed what excited her most about returning to the small screen.

In 2010, Canseco ceased to work for "Despierta America," a program she had inaugurated in 1997 for Univision. The host revealed that during her absence, she was able to reflect on her experiences and plan a radio show that she always wanted to make.

"During my extended vacation, I learned how to remove myself from all the work I had done. I was able to say goodbye to important moments in my life. It was a difficult process. During that time off I was able to travel a lot, visit my family, think about different plans and plan a radio show, which I am currently doing. Basically I was able to rest," she said.

Canseco said that her new radio show is an extension of what she will be doing on "Un Nuevo Dia."

"The show is on entertainment and it's called 'Echate Paca.' It's like a continuation of 'Un Nuevo Dia,'" she revealed. "We have various types of topics but we focus mainly on entertainment."

Audiences hoping to see the famous segment 'Echate Paca' on "Un Nuevo Dia" (it was previously on "Despierta America")  will be satisfied as Canseco says she cannot live without it.

"'Echate Paca' is a part of me. It's impossible for me to live without it. We're going to integrate it with the segment 'Lero Lero el Candelero.' 'Echate Paca' is who I am and I've had it for many years," she said.

Canseco noted that doing a segment that centered on entertainment like "Echate Paca" was made easier thanks the terrific team she has at Telemundo.

"I've done entertainment for many years. I love gossip. I love being involved in entertainment and I think we have one of the best entertainment teams in the Hispanic television industry. We have people in Mexico, Los Angeles, Texas, and all over the country."

However, she said that the show will not only focus on gossip, but will also feature more exclusive interviews.

"We're going to have all types of interviews especially with Grupero Bandas. We love our Mexican music and we want to support these groups. And we're gonna try and get more exclusives as well as special interviews," she noted. "We don't necessarily have to get exclusives. My aim is to show celebrities in a different spotlight. I want them to open their hearts. When they stop being celebrities, they are able to share more about themselves. And that is one of my goals. This is what I love to do."

Additionally, Canseco revealed that she will return to working red carpets. When she worked on Univision, she was known for getting exclusive backstage interviews and behind the scenes footage.

"Un Nuevo Dia" features Adamari Lopez, Rashel Diaz, Daniel Sacros, Edgardo de Villar, Alessandra Villegas and Diego Schoening, a group that Canseco believes has tremendous chemistry and is easy to work with.

"It's been wonderful. They are very kind and I have had the opportunity of working with a few of them before. At one point they came to my old home ['Despierta America'] and it was very good. Now I am going to their home ['Un Nuevo Dia'] and integrating myself with them," she enthused. "They have treated me so well. I feel like I have a new family. We have such good chemistry because they are a group of people with a good sense of humor and they have a good vibe.

"When we were shooting the promotional videos I had a lot of fun. It's indescribable. It something you have to see."

Canseco began on Sept. 9, the beginning of Hispanic Heritage month, and she says the show has many special segments planned for the month to celebrate the Hispanic culture. She will begin with a visit to Los Angeles where Canesco will be part of the parades and crowds.

"We're going to be celebrating our holidays and we will constantly bring coverage on news about our countries. I will be going to Los Angeles for the Mexican Independence (An Event that took place on Sept. 14-15). I will make sure to report on the celebrations and the events that took place," she revealed.

While there are many plans for "Un Nuevo Dia," Canseco revealed that she will continue her work with many charity organizations. The TV prsenter is known for her fundraising efforts, particularly in 2010 for the victims of Haiti earthquake. Canseco says she will continue to help children and that she will try to create more awareness on pet shelters.

"I would love to continue working with children. It's one of my passions and and it's always an honor to work with these associations," she noted. "However I would love to work with shelters. Every day there are pets who are being abandoned and left in these shelters. And most of those pets are put to sleep. So I would love to help these animals get adopted. I want people to be more aware of these places."

As the interview came to a close, Canseco could not avoid making a few more remarks on the excitement she has about being able to get in front of the cameras. She noted that one of her main objectives is to make audiences laugh.

"I hope we're able to spread the same energy to our audiences because we are really giving our all," she stated. "I love getting those butterflies. When the cameramen say 'We're on air in 10, 9, 8, 7,' I get excited at knowing that we are on live TV.

"I always feel like I am empowering my audience. I am always motivated at the thought that with one word I can bring joy to people who may not be having their best day and I am always overjoyed when I can make someone forget about their problems for a moment. I am also happy when I can entertain the audience. I just want the audience to have fun and that it is my motivation."

She also noted that she was lucky to have be a part of a outlet that gave her the freedom to express herself.

"What's great about working with Telemundo is that they are giving us freedom. I'm like a girl with a new toy and I'm trying to explore all the possibilities we have. I missed being in front of the cameras. I missed not having a television family."

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